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Your health needs are unique. Is functional medicine right for you? Root Function Wellness is here for you.

Your individualized 15-minute phone consult with Dr. Wagoner from Root Function Wellness will help decide if your healthcare needs are suited to Functional Medicine.

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Personal Consultations at Root Function Wellness

All consultation visits will be personalized to your healthcare needs.  Both in-person and video visit appointments are available.  For your First Clinic Visit to Root Function Wellness, Dr. Amy Wagoner or Lori Steinley PA-C will check your current needs and look for the root cause of your condition.  All new patients are given a full 90-minute personal consultation with Dr. Wagoner or Lori Steinley PA-C.  Follow-up visits will be scheduled for 45 minutes.  If you feel you may need more time at your next visit, please request more time when booking your appointment.


What is my first step with Root Function Wellness?

When you request an appointment at Root Function Wellness you will receive instructions for medical intake forms that you must complete.  Please complete and return these forms to our office at least 5 days prior to your requested appointment time.  Root Function Wellness will also ask that you request prior medical records from your primary healthcare provider so we can avoid the expense of repeating tests.  All information will be reviewed in detail prior to your visit.  This preparation allows you increased value during the full 90 minutes of time with Dr. Wagoner.  We want your first visit focused on your personal health and wellness needs.  


What will happen at my first visit with Root Function Wellness?

On the day of your first visit to Root Function Wellness you will spend 90 minutes face to face with Dr. Amy Wagoner or Lori Steinley PA-C as she listens to your priorities and your history.  During your visit, additional information will be gathered and organized throughout the conversation.  By the end of your first visit we will agree on how to go ahead with empowering your path toward wellness.  If any lab testing, supplements or medication changes are recommended we will discuss the reasons why the tests or changes are important for your care plan and what costs would be expected.  


What about follow-up visits with Root Function Wellness?

Follow-up visits are usually recommended at two (2) to four (4) month intervals.  At Root Function Wellness most follow-up visits are typically scheduled for 45 minutes.  As your symptoms begin to improve, your treatment recommendations will be adapted to your most current needs.  It is not uncommon for patients to stop some of their prior medications after following a functional medicine plan of care.  
Grow into Root Function Wellness

How long until I see improvement after working with Root Function Wellness?

As you approach what Root Function Wellness means for you individually, it is likely you will require fewer visits and the overall cost of your medical care will have been reduced.  Nothing is more rewarding than helping you to recover thriving wellness and graduating you from the need for routine appointments at Root Function Wellness.   

SERVICES at Root Function Wellness

IV Nutritional Therapy

Root Function Wellness now offers IV Therapy and Injection Therapy options.  We offer consultations for a variety of needs and situations that can offer benefits within fifteen (15) to ninety (90) minutes of treatment.  Please discuss your needs with our reception staff so we can schedule time appropriately or check out the details on our pages: 

IV Nutritional Therapy

VITAMINS – IV Therapy Options

Injections & Add-Ons

Group Consultations

Root Function Wellness welcomes group consultations for a variety of needs and situations.  Please discuss your needs with our reception staff so we can schedule time appropriately.  A group will be assembled when six (6) to ten (10) patients with similar needs can be brought together for group education.

Reiki Healing

Reiki healing is a method of realigning the energy centers in the body so the physical, emotional, and energetic blockages can flow. It is a hands on and over the body approach to healing. The relaxation obtained during a session engages the parasympathetic nervous system allowing the body to rest, relax, and digest.

Each session lasts approximately 45 minutes. This service is provided by our health and wellness coach, Dawn Clearwater, RN, NBCHWC.

Ozone Therapy

Ozone helps with metabolism in the body by improving oxygen utilization. It helps the blood be healthier and modulates the immune system to work optimally, whether it is overworking such as autoimmune diseases, or underworking with numerous infections. Ozone is a gas and can be injected to help the bones, ligaments, and cartilage in areas of discomfort, instability, and weakness. In addition, it can be used for ozone insufflations (via catheter or tube) into the bladder, ears, sinus, rectum, and vagina to help systemic or whole-body problems such as infections or autoimmune conditions.

For more information please see:

Prolozone Therapy

Prolozone therapy is an ozone injection. It corrects the interference with the healing process. This could include cells getting increased oxygen, improved circulation, and membrane stability, which leads to pain being reduced and the healing process being rejuvenated.

Prolozone can be used for anything associated with pain: chronic neck and back pain, rotator cuff injuries, degenerative and arthritic hips and knees, degenerated discs, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, TMJ, sciatica, heel spurs, neuromas, tennis elbow, sinus infections, pelvic disorders, dental infections, post orthopedic surgery pain, non-union fractures, scars, any sports injury, and pelvic floor syndrome.

Craniosacral Therapy

The craniosacral therapy practitioner uses light touch to test and treat restrictions in the craniosacral system. This is done by monitoring the rhythm of the cerebrospinal fluid as it flows through the system. This is primarily detected at the skull, sacrum, and coccyx (tailbone). These bones attach to the membranes that enclose the cerebrospinal fluid. The positive effects of this therapy rely on the body’s natural self-corrective activities. The therapist’s light, hands-on approach simply assists the hydraulic forces inherent in the craniosacral system to improve the body’s internal environment and strengthen its ability to heal itself.

This treatment can be used for neck pain, headache, facial pain, and temporomandibular joint pain.

For more information please see:


Reflexology is the science that deals with the principle that there are reflex areas in the feet and hands that correspond to all of the glands, organs, and parts of the body. Reflexology is a unique method of using the thumb and fingers on these reflex areas.

Foot and hand reflexology includes, but is not limited to use: to relieve stress and tension, improve blood supply and promote the unblocking of nerve impulses, and help nature achieve homeostasis.

Source: Better Health with Foot Reflexology Dwight C. Byers

Standard Lab Testing

Lab testing will be arranged for collection at a facility of your choice. Depending on your preference, this service will be paid directly to Root Function Wellness or billed to your insurance.

Specialty Lab Testing

Root Function Wellness has specialty lab testing accounts with several Functional Medicine Labs to better understand your root function.  Based on your needs, the most relevant lab tests will be chosen to offer the necessary testing at the most affordable price.  This testing is usually covered by your insurance.

Nutraceutical Supplements

The Nutraceutical Supplements that are available through FullScript are hand-selected by Dr. Amy Wagoner or Lori Steinley PA-C, because they are the highest quality pharmaceutical-grade products.  The supplements recommended will offer an enhanced therapeutic benefit. If you choose to make your purchases through Root Function Wellness you will receive fair and competitive pricing on each of your online purchases.  Your supplement selections will be shipped directly to you.  If you choose, you may enroll in automatic refills for your supplement needs.

You are not required to buy your supplements from Root Function Wellness.  If you choose to find your own source for supplements, we recommend that you be very selective about supplements and choose those that have had independently verified manufacturing processes.  Unfortunately, many box store and discount brand supplements contain multiple fillers and ingredients which can impair your overall health.

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